About the Official Report

The Official Report is the official written record of proceedings in the Scottish Parliament. It is a substantially verbatim report of what is said during all full meetings of the Parliament and public meetings of parliamentary committees; it notes down what Charles Dickens, a parliamentary reporter himself, described as “the music of the parliamentary bagpipes”.

The full meeting of the Parliament takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and from 11.40 am on Thursdays: the Official Reports for these meetings are available on the Scottish Parliament website within 3 hours of the meeting finishing. A draft is published throughout the course of the meeting. Visit our home page on the Parliament’s website for more information on what’s being published when.

Currently there are 16 committees, which meet in Edinburgh and in remote locations throughout Scotland. At any time there can also be a number of sub-committees and private bill committees meeting. Official Reports are published as soon as possible after committee meetings and usually at least two days before the next meeting.

The Official Report team consists of the editor, seven sub-editors and between 18 and 26 reporters (depending on how busy we are). They are supported by an office manager and an editorial support assistant.

To find out more about us, please have a look at the Official Report pages on the Scottish Parliament website.