Scots Language Awards 2019

On Friday 27 September, Glesga’s Mitchell Theatre will pley host tae the first ivver Scots Language Awards. The chairity, Hands Up For Trad, which has heidit up the weel-kent Scots Trad Music Awards fae 2003, is ahint the new event, which has the aim o forderin the profile o Scots tae the public an media.

The ten caitegories o award include Scots Media Person o the Year, Scots Schuil o the Year an Scots Bairns’ Book o the Year alangside ane lifetime achievement award.

The Official Report at the Scots Pairlament regularly warks in aw three o Scotland’s official leids o English, Scots an Gaelic.

We are gey pleased that ane o oor ain Official Reporters, Ashley Douglas, has been nominatit in the category o Scots Media Person o the Year, which ye can read mair anent here.

Forby warkin fur the Official Report in the Scots Pairlament, Ashley does a hantle o wark wi the Scots leid. Maist recently, she was the owersetter on a letter-scrievin projeck atween the Basque scriever, Iban Zaldua, an the Scots scriever, James Robertson, as weel as contributin tae the National Library o Scotland’s ‘Wee Windaes’ projeck, which forders the braw scrievit history o the leid.

Ye can read mair anent the awards an aw the nominees, forby cast yer votes, here.


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