Gaelic word of the week

Our colleagues in the Parliament’s Gaelic service have featured the Official Report in this week’s Gaelic word of the week clip, the word being “deasaiche”, which means “editor”.

The Parliament’s language policy explains that

The SPCB’s Gaelic Language Plan 2013-18, required under The Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005, seeks to give effect to the principle that the Gaelic and English languages should be accorded equal respect. The SPCB, for historical and cultural reasons, also recognises the use of Scots.

There’s more information about Gaelic in particular and about languages in the Parliament in general on the website.

Our most recent report that included Gaelic was an Education and Culture Committee meeting on the British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill. It was, in fact, a trilingual meeting, involving English, Gaelic and, of course, BSL. There are two videos of the meeting available, one is captioned in English and Gaelic, and the other includes English closed captions and the BSL interpreters.

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